Website Design Brief


We know it looks boring… but, honestly, the more detail you go into on our design brief, the faster and more creative we can be when conducting your build.


Think of it as, 10-20 minutes that could potentially adapt your business forever and make it reach a wider audience than it ever has before.

What is the name of your business/organisation?

Tell us about your business/organisation:

(products/services, history, employees, structure, location, service area, goals)

Explain what your business does in 10 words or less:

What is your current online presence?

(Current Website, Social Media, Email marketing/Newsletters, Yellow pages, Finda etc)

If you have a current website, what do you like about it?

If you have a current website, what don’t you like about it?

How well are you ranking in search engines like Google? How important is a page one ranking to you?

What is your unique selling proposition? Why should someone choose you over your competitors?

What are the reasons that people come to your site currently?

What is the main thing you want people to do on while they are on your site?

(Get Information, Buy Online, Get contact details, Other:)

Is generating new sales or sales leads the main reason for your new site? If not, what is the main reason for the new site?

Who are you trying to target with your website?

(Age, gender, socio economic, industry etc.)

What keywords do you want to show up in search engines like Google for?

What are your customers’ problems or needs that your business solves for them?

Are there any special Website Requirements that may be unique to your business/industry?

(Custom Forms, Calculator, Site in second language, Newsletter Sign up form, Other:)

Please list websites that you like in your industry and other websites that you like in design or usability:

What are the name of the navigation menu pages that you would like?

(Maximum of 8* Example: Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Contact Us)

Do you want more pages on your site that aren’t in the menu but can be linked to from other pages? How many?

Is this the first website you have had designed and built?

Do you want CodeSky Media to organise a professional photographer to come and take photos for your new website?

Do you want CodeSky Media to organise a professional content writer to write or rewrite all of your text content for your new website?

What colours would you like to be used on your site?

What colours would you not like to be used on your site?

When would you like to go live with your new website?

(This go live date is subject to CodeSky Medias availability)

How did you find CodeSky Media?

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Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: