Marketing Tips: Gym Owners

As much as possible i am going to start writing about how to approach marketing for certain sectors and for this occasion, it is going to be focused on Gym Owners ?

Take yourself out of the thinking of being a gym owner and instead, imagine yourself as a potential new member.

The Gym in question is offering 2 offers:



Gym membership which includes 2 free PT Sessions.




A completely bespoke 4 week transformation package complete with personalised exercise plans and a body analysis.


Which one would you pay more for?

The answer is obviously the second one, right? Now think of how much more you would pay for the second offer over the first.

Well here is the fun part… ?

Both offers require exactly the same amount of effort from you as a Gym Owner.

If you had 2 PT sessions in a month, the first one would probably be to do an initial customer analysis and introduction to the equipment along with provide them with a food diary.

In the next session you will probably give people pointers and show them how to change up their exercises to do them correctly along with maybe showing them how to shop for the correct foods after reviewing their food diary.

The thing is… the above is exactly the same as you would also be doing in a transformation package.

The difference in the two offers isn’t really what you are offering, but the value that your members see in the offers you send out.

Here is the second eye opener!

Say that the first offer is £50 and the second offer is £200, which one is going to be the one which produces better results?

It will 100% be the £200 offer because the customers are much more invested in it. They will turn up; they won’t want to miss a session or not follow the advice given by you or your staff members because they have made a payment & commitment to the offer.

At the end of it, they will get the results, which means they will have seen that it was worth £200 even though they are getting the exact same time and training as a course you could charge £150 less for.

Your members don’t get less value from paying more to you, they get MORE value from paying more. As long as the customer is getting results, they are almost always more likely to stay with you and continually keep paying.

People always have the money to pay for things IF they are seeing a benefit / getting the results they want from your service.

So basic principal being here is why would you go for the cheaper option if it is less value for you and less value for your members?

You simply wouldn’t, under any circumstance.

If you want to know more about the different ways of charging more and delivering higher value to your members along with making them stay longer you can message us directly on our live chat or book a consultation by phone on 0800 699 0037.


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