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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click — more commonly known as PPC — is a form of marketing that means you only pay a fee if a customer clicks on one of your adverts. Sometimes growing traffic organically takes a lot of time (which you might not have), so PPC marketing is a good way to pay for visits to your site to try and reach new audiences while you work on a long-term strategy to increase your visits. Ads can appear anywhere, from Google and other search engines, to shopping channels and comparison websites.

“Search ads can increase businesses brand awareness by up to 80%. Traffic that comes through PPC ads brings in 50% more lead conversions than organic search traffic.”


PPC Services


Search Results

Encourage customers to click while they’re searching for your product or services through targeted ads.

Social Engagement

Increase customer loyalty and brand awareness by promoting your business on social media channels.



Do you sell a product? Target customers on Google, Bing or Amazon.


Reach 80% of all internet users through graphical advertising.


Customer Retargeting

Win back customers by showing them ads of products or services they’ve recently searched for.

Do You Need a PPC Audit?

Find out how well your business is performing with our FREE PPC audit. Using real data and insights, we can build an effective paid marketing campaign that delivers measurable results. With this, we can suggest improvements and move forward to help you develop your business goals and objectives while helping you grow. 

But we don’t just talk the talk. By choosing CodeSky Media, we will share your passion to build your business by getting to know both you and your industry. From there, we can build out a plan of action to share with you, setting out exactly what we aim to achieve and what you can expect. This will help us create a PPC strategy that delivers real, long-lasting results.



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